SpamDecoy - Free use-once read only throwaway email.. Don't give your real email address to unknown websites, use a decoy!

Welcome to SpamDecoy - Free Disposable Email

Free temporary email. You can use any address at one of our supported domains to receive email, just enter the email address in the box below, eg ihatespam and choose a domain eg, your email address will be

Mail is automatically deleted after 7 days. Mails which are large in size are deleted after 24 hours.

Perfect for signing up to websites which need an email address in order to complete the signup. If you use this service then you don't need to give out your own address and risk receiving spam!

No signup - just enter an address and go, any email already received to that address will be displayed immediately.

Permanent private email addresses with a password, secure https access, spam filtering and the ability to send as well as receive are available for $1/month for 5 accounts, please contact ben [at], private accounts can also have access to other domains not available for the free spamdecoy accounts (more information coming soon).

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